Wet Cleaning Machines

How Wet Cleaning Is Winning Over Dry Cleaning

It is true that people have now started relying on wet cleaning procedures with the advancement of the age. Before, people used a dry cleaning process that ultimately involved the use of harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene. Especially after the invention of Speed Queen wet cleaning machines, the entire game has changed.

If you ask 10 laundry owners about wet cleaning and dry cleaning, we guarantee 9 out of 10 laundry owners will vote for wet cleaning. But Why? What is the specialty in wet cleaning? Why is it 100 times better than dry cleaning? This blog discusses the four aspects that keep the wet cleaning ahead in this game.

Wet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any toxic chemicals

First of all, unlike the dry cleaning process, wet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any toxic chemicals. Therefore, one has to experience any kind of irritation by wearing the clothes washed through the wet cleaning process.

Wet Cleaning is softer to the skin

The clothes washed through the wet cleaning process are softer to use. The wet cleaning process uses the water as a solvent and ultimately makes the clothes softer to feel. The wet cleaning process reduces the toxicity of clothes.

Your clothes will last longer

Unlike dry cleaning, Speed Queen wet cleaning machines wash all the clothes with the utmost care. Therefore, the fabric used in your clothes doesn’t get harmed during the wet cleaning. Therefore, the clothes washed through the dry cleaning process last longer than in general.

Eco-friendly solution

As this process doesn’t use any toxic chemicals during the washing process, it offers an eco-friendly solution. Especially when you use the appliances like Speed Queen wet cleaning machines, the process of cleaning becomes safer.

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