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The Proven Performer in Laundry

You may ask any laundry business why they rely on Speed Queen. Every business asserts its commercial efficiency.

Speed Queen Laundry Machines are manufactured by world-class laundry, Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance is known for its world-class laundry machines manufacturing since 1908. The key to their success lies in their utilization of the latest technology in a smarter and simpler way. Alliance offers you unmatched customer care services.

Reliable Products

Who doesn’t know the name of Speed Queen? If you don’t, just search on the internet and you will get your answers. Speed Queen machines are built to perform and long last.

Top-Notch Controls

Quantum-Touch Controls make it easier for customers to use and make the laundry machines more attractive.

Modern Technology

Speed Queen is built utilizing advanced technology. From highly advanced controls to cloud-based management, Speed Queen makes the business easier, efficient and ensures higher ROI.

World-class Customer Support

When you purchase Speed Queen, you are backed up by the Global Leaders. World-class laundry distributing networks are dedicated to your success.

Design Service

Speed Queen Laundry machines are built with the utmost care. It makes your laundromat look aesthetic along with enhancing its efficiency and profitability.

With advanced controls and cloud-based management, Speed Queen Technology gives any laundromat more efficiency and makes it more profitable. It is specially designed to give users a seamless experience.

Speed Queen offers a customized solution and modern technologies that make the business more profitable. 

Speed Queen doesn’t only help you to earn more money but it also ensures less downtime and more turns per day that refers to more revenue.

Low maintenance cost and fewer downtime ensure higher ROI.