Jotech Laundry Supplies



Jo-tech engineering services started up as an independent business entity in the year 2019 after working with Divine Steps Enterprise (A laundry engineering service company established in 1986) and launched up officially as a registered business enterprise under the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria ( as a cooperate business with the registration no. ) which also began it’s operation as an independent entity mmediately.

Jo-tech Engineering services started with a team of three members, since then the company had grown into a company with ICT department,Sales Department, project management department, electrical and installation department and has  helped to design,implement and provided maintenance services to  so many laundry business facilities such as eko hotel, New Castle hotel,Blow fish hotel, hospitals and laundry outfit in Lagos such as EzWahndry Lagos, Laundry 48 Lagos, Ace laundromat Lagos,washryte laundromat Lagos and many more.

After venturing fully into the business of buying and selling of laundromat equipments, installation and handling of laundromat business set up for clients in Lagos and beyond,during which we also had a major partnership with Strait Laundry  and with our  valuable experiences in the art of laundry and laundromat engineering services, we have been able to help clients start up laundromat businesses in major cities in Nigeria where the business of laundromat never existed such Jema laundromat Warri, Express laundromat Akure,Dexterous Hotel and Suites Port Harcourt and many more across the Northern and Eastern parts of the country.

The main focus of the company right from it’s conception is to provide solutions to laundromat and laundry business across Nigeria. And since then we have been a major channel of laundromat and laundry engineering service solution and consultation to many start-up businesses and existing ones across Nigeria.

Our company is made up of trained and dedicated team members from across different engineering fields and disciplines who are serious business minded and with valuable experiences in the field of laundry and laundromat services.

We are currently a major channel of distribution of speed queen laundry machines and equipments in Nigeria in partnership with Strait Laundry Singapore.


Jo-tech engineering services LTD, Nigeria is  laundromat and laundry engineering service provider which was founded by Mr. Friday Joseph.

As a trained professional in the field laundry and laundry’s businesses of various scopes his experience spans across major aspects of laundry and laundromat businesses.

He is also a trained Maritime laundry engineers by the Maritime institute of Nigeria which qualified him to work as an off shore laundry engineer.

His partnership with foreign companies and dealers in laundry businesses and technologies which has been an added advantage with which the Jo-tech engineering services was established upon.

With his leadership and training experiences, the company has experienced tremendous growth and increase in values added to the company’s clients and partners.