Jotech Laundry Supplies



The laundry industry is evolving every day with technology and with this evolution, customers nowadays expect more. Therefore, scientists have been researching for a long time and ultimately found the most advanced touch solution in the history of laundry.

Speed Queen machines come with Quantum TouchPad that is combined with the enhanced Speed Queen Insights systems. Speed Queen is the only brand that comes with such advanced technology. Laundry owners can use these machines to create new momentum in the history of Laundry and reach a new height of profitability and ROI.

Speed Queen Quantum-Touch technology redefines the meaning of laundry. Along with evolving with advanced technologies, full-colour display and revenue earning opportunities, it possesses some extra features and technologies that deliver the ultimate return on investment.

The clean stainless steel of Speed Queen Quantum-Touch Washer-extractors offers a premium experience to the customers. When they walk into your laundromat, they can feel the vibe of advanced technologies. Aesthetic Colour, smooth touch screen and optimal control offer the customers a premium service. Moreover. Multiple language options and detailed descriptions ensure the best services.

Speed Queen machines don’t entertain any discrepancy in the time of washing. To learn more, feel free to contact us.