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The laundromat has become a part of our lifestyle due to its extremely comfortable and ease of use. It offers value-added services to the customers. Customers can avail of several services including shoe Cleaning, vended machines, pet clothes cleaning etc. It doesn’t make any difference what season it is or if the economy encounters a decline, people require a laundromat throughout the year.

Research Extensively

Not every entrepreneur has years of experience when they start their laundromat. Therefore, if you want to start a business, please discuss your idea with laundry owners and join laundry related alliances and go through the articles related to the industry to have a better idea of the business.

You also require to research the cost related to laundry business setup. At the primary stage, you need to spend money on washer hook-up, construction or renovation, availing all the equipment and permits and licenses. Apart from that, running costs involve rental costs, required insurance, managing pay of the employees and other different appliances.

Research is the heart of the process of setting up a laundry. But, please take time and understand and learn every small detail before entering into a new business.

Set up the business

At this stage, you can hire an accounting manager who can guide you to deal with all the legal processes. With the assistance of an accountant, you also need to make a business plan that reflects an annual projection analysing the market and keeping your goals in mind.

Obtain the space

Now it is time for you to obtain a suitable space. Choose the space keeping your requirements in mind.

After finalizing the place, you need to acquire all the important licenses that are important to run your business. You need to check in your respective municipality to understand the requirements. Initially, you need to acquire:

  • Business License
  • A permit from the fire department
  • Environment pollution control permit
  • Sign permit
  • Required gas connection
  • Electric connections
  • Want connection

Make sure to avail all these permits and requirements to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Find the right distributor for proper guidance on laundromat set up and investments

Identifying the right distributor is essential. They help you in several aspects including,

Identifying the right distributor is essential. They help you in several aspects including,

Jo-tech engineering services LTD is dedicated to helping you in location analysis and site selection.

Jo-tech engineering services LTD helps you to design the facility of your laundromat and guide you on how you can earn maximum profit out of your business.

With Jo-tech engineering services LTD,  you can get access to the most advanced laundry machines Speed Queen. Speed Queen machines are built to perform in any environment. Speed Queen comes with cloud management technology and mobile applications that make it easier to use.

With  Jo-tech engineering services LTD, you can don’t only the most advanced machines but also the modern water heaters. No matter what you want whether it is a dispensing system or cleaning equipment, or world-class laundry equipment, you may contact us.

Is Possessing A Laundromat Right For You?

It is important for you to decide if investing in a laundromat is right for you. It is essential for you to understand your personal requirements. We often face frequently asked questions such as:

The investment relies on several factors such as the size of the laundromat and the financed amount.

Generally, the size of a laundromat can be 400 and 2500 sq ft.

The numbers of the machines depend on your laundromat size. o-tech engineering services LTD can help you to determine the numbers of machines you require for your business.

The houses of the operation depend on you. Generally, laundromats are open from 7 am to 11 pm. However, one can build a 24-hour model depending on the country.

Location analysis and choosing the best location is important. The success of a laundromat depends on the location.

  • The size of an average household is 2.3 or more.
  • The average household is middle class or upper-middle class.
  • 35% of the residents live on rent.

High-traffic laundromats typically follow these points:

  • High visibility
  • Parking Area
  • Located near-daily stores.

The good news

With the growing population, the laundromat market is gradually growing and most of the time, as two-third of the family members are working, there is less time for them to wash the clothes. It is a clear indication that your business will not stop growing at any cost.

As per the survey, people with washers are also seen using the self-laundry system for its consistency. Well, it happens because the regular machines at home can’t wash a bulk of clothes at a single time. On the other hand, Speed Queen Machines can wash a large bulk within an hour. Moreover, laundromats are gradually becoming popular due to wash-and-fold services.

Laundromat generates a steady income for many people. Therefore, if you are looking to set up a business that generates a consistent cash flow at any time of the year. You have to understand a basic point that wearing clean clothes is essential in any situation. So the business can run seamlessly in any situation. It doesn’t only generate a steady income every month but every year.

No experience required

According to a survey, it is proved that none of the entrepreneurs has experience when they set up a laundromat for the first time. Most of them start the business and learn with time. But make sure that you will learn about the market and talk to existing laundry owners before starting. Don’t forget to consult the right distributor.

Keep the regularity

Depending on the environment, laundries are open 24hours and seven days a week. Take note that weekends are usually busy with laundry. But make sure to keep the regularity. Don’t forget the shop unnecessarily as it may affect the business goodwill. Keeping consistency in business hours is important.

Give your laundromat a personality

The laundry business is not only about clothes but it is about the people. Don’t take the customer for granted. Treat your customer in a way so that they will return.

Suppose, the storekeeper is friendly and polite, the chance of customer retention increases. Talking to your customers helps you to learn their requirements. And with the knowledge of your customer’s requirements, you can improve your business.

Keep it clean

It is necessary to keep your laundry clean and fresh. However, you can hire staff to keep it clean. Cleaning involves:

  • Mopping the floors
  • Clean the machines
  • Clean the Chemical Dispensers
  • Wash all folding tables
  • Clean the windows
  • Wash the vending machines
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Empty the trash

Take note that the best time for laundry cleaning is when all the customers are away. However, if you have a large store, you can clean your shop twice a day. You can even wash the machines and tables easily even when customers are in the shop.

Collect coins

If you have a card system, the process will be easier. You can refill the machines on a daily basis. If it is empty, your customers can’t use the laundry.

Use vending system

Using the vended laundry machines in the store is a smart choice. If you possess your own soda and snack machines in your store, you can contact a professional for daily refilling.

Give the laundry system a theme

You should try to give a theme to your laundromat. If you can create a gimmick for your laundromat, you can publicize your laundry more. It is also a great way to attract more customers.

  • You can arrange a play area for little kids.
  • You can set up a television so that customers won’t get bored.
  • You can arrange snacks for your customers while they are waiting. Opening a cafeteria inside your laundromat that offers snacks at a low price to the customers is a great option.

Do something that can attract more customers. For more ideas, you may contact us.