Jotech Laundry Supplies



DEMA is one of the most trusted suppliers for chemical dispensing systems. Along with this, DEMA offers fluid control devices, strainers, industrial solenoid valves and injections for different market spaces whether it is industrial, institutional and professional. The industrial system includes housekeeping, food processing, food services and ware wash etc. It also offers services in Laundry and other industrial places where fluid metering is critical.

DEMA meets all the requirements of the car wash, dairy, agriculture, beverage, irrigation, design engineering marketplaces and many other services. It utilizes the state of the art venturi technology and also involves the peristaltic pumps and water-driven proportional pumps to control superior dilution and fluid metering.

Laundry Dispensing Innovations

DEMA eases the laundry system process whether it is commercial or industrial. The system can be used in Laundromats and even at home. DEMA is designed to handle a large range of commercial laundry machines and facilities. It can handle the machines handling from 100 pounds (45 kg) to thousands of pounds per day. It designs dispensers for most commercial machines. The system incorporates a modular design and 4 different pump sizes that can handle large volumes at a single time. It utilizes modular designs to program and record and manages data offering superior flexibility and cost-efficiency.