Jotech Laundry Supplies



With an outstanding degree of customer support, JoTech Laundry has been delivering parts and service for vented, home shopping, and on-premises laundries. We have factory-trained service technicians strategically positioned to help ensure service. JoTech Laundry is an approved Speed Queen Machine parts supplier. When laundry equipment fails, JoTech Laundry recognizes that it puts a burden on both laundry staff and the plant, impacting profitability and throughput. Restricted downtime and lower maintenance costs are ensured by JoTech Laundry’s competitive service and quick call response times.

JoTech Laundry provides a complete service plan for Speed Queen items, as well as convenient access to spare parts for dealers and end-users. We, as your service partner, recognize the importance of productivity and timely supply in the laundry environment, where machines are the bottleneck in your operations. To ensure that your laundry experience is as seamless as possible, we’re working to extend our network even further into tier 2 cities, and more training programs are being designed to empower service technicians at the grassroots level.

When it comes to after-sales assistance, JoTech Laundry believes and adopts the most innovative approach and does not accept complacency. We assist all customers who need Speed Queen spares. For more information on Speed Queen parts and operation, contact your JoTech Laundry expert today.


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