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Speed Queen Laundry  Machines bring the revolution in wet cleaning laundry solutions. The highly advanced machines are specially designed to deliver superior performance and cleaners garments. Moreover, it ensures higher ROI in your business. Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Laundry Machines are the biggest innovations of science in the last hundred years.

Speed Queen Wet Cleaning machine is the perfect replacement for Dry Cleaning. These machines utilize modern computerized systems. The traditional ways of dry cleaning deal with Toxic Chemical like perchloroethylene that can be harmful to the environment. On the other side, Speed Queen Wet Cleaning machines do not use any toxic chemicals and utilise the water as a solvent. Moreover, it is soft to the skin and enhances the colour of your garments.

Years of trials and research brings the world’s most advanced Wet Cleaning Process offered by Speed Queen. Over the period, end-users are looking for a technology that can free them from the dry cleaning process. Speed Queen brings this solution to touch a new milestone in the history of Laundry.

This machine is efficient enough to remove oil, grease, wax stains and motor oil from the water at room temperature. It offers a cost-effective solution with zero negative impact. Higher productivity, laundry finishing requirement and cost efficiency are the signatures of Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines. To avail of Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines in Nigeria, you can contact us.