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The concept of Speed Queen Barrier washer extractor is gradually gaining popularity in the healthcare sectors across the Globe. Now, it is time for Nigeria to enjoy its benefits. The concept of this highly advanced machine is to cut the contact between infected and disinfected Laundry.

We all know that Hospitals and health care sectors require more preventive measures to avoid any microbiological contamination. As these sectors involve the higher chances of contamination, Speed Queen Barrier washer extractor is built with the guideline of   ‘hospital-acquired infections’ (HAI).

Speed Queen Barrier washer Extractor is designed with a customized wall that separates the loading and unloading side. It also comes with a double door facility to boost the motto of cleanliness. Special sensors keep the door of the contaminated side closed while the door of the clean side is still open and Vice Versa.

The Speed Queen Barrier Washer Extractors SH, SMB and SB are built with the guideline of the HAI because it reduces the risk of contamination and re-contamination. A special thanks to its double door specialty.

If you are looking for an advanced Barrier washer extractor, your search ends here. We are determined to offer you an ideal layout and Speed Queen equipment.