Wet Cleaning Machines

Wet Cleaning Machines – How It Facilitates The Modern-Day Cleaning

Modern days’ cleaning is completely dependent on advanced technology. The days are gone when people rely on the dry cleaning process. Moreover, the process of dry cleaning also involves lots of health hazards and chemicals. Therefore, the improper use of the procedure may lead to lots of discrepancies.

In this case, the wet cleaning machines take a vital part in making the process of cleaning easier. Suppose, you have bought a Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines; in this case, it refers that you are choosing the world-class laundry machines over the average machines. This blog discusses why Wet Cleaning is the safest process to clean clothes and how it eases modern-day’s laundry systems.

Importance of Wet Cleaning

  • Wet Cleaning doesn’t involve any kind of chemicals in the process of cleaning. Therefore, all the clothes are cleaned safely.
  • Garments never develop a yellowish look after the utilization of wet cleaning. Wet cleaning process doesn’t entertain any kind of discrepancies.
  • The clothes that get stinky even after the dry cleaning process can be easily washed by wet cleaning.
  • The Wet Cleaning process can easily wash out all the satins that can’t be washed by the traditional cleaning process.
  • Wet cleaning utilizes the highly advanced computerized system that uses biodegradable detergents to execute the cleaning process. However, this process can be applied to any garments including fine linens.
  • Wet cleaning uses totally computerized washing machines, biodegradable detergents for cleaning, and complete the drying process using special moisture sensitive dryers. This can be applied to any garments including woolens, silk, and fine linens.

However, suppose you want to purchase the best machines to execute the wet cleaning process; in this case, Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines can be your ultimate option. Speed Queen Machines are the best choice in terms of commercial laundry. To learn more, feel free to consult us.

Hospital Laundry

How Checking Efficiency Of Your Hospital Laundry Equipment

If you are worried about efficiency of your hospital laundry equipment in your Laundromat, you can simply rely on Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer! This combination of washer and dryer is available in commercial laundry machines. These machines can run by maintaining consistency. These completely automated machines can save customers’ time and attract a large number of people. Check the exclusive features you are going to have with this product that has made this product an efficient one!

  1. Low maintenance cost

This washer offers an advanced hygienic cycle of rinsing that can delight customers and minimize maintenance. It has been checked that due to this facility, our Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer has ranked first in Laundromat requirements for its high efficiency. This feature has extended tumble to help in eliminating wrinkling for 2 minutes while the door is closed. This low maintenance feature has made this product an efficient one with maximization of outcome.

  1. 2. Taking control

To check its efficiency, Speed Queen Hospital laundry equipment has come with options of “Speed Queen Options” and Quantum Controls. It is easy to check its efficiency as it provides adjustable structures of costs, service alerts and programmable times of shutting down to give maximum outcomes.  

  1. Advanced designs

In this Stack Washer and Dryer, you can get a complete package, combining efficient dryers, providing excellent performance capability. The weight of this product is 8.2 Kg and 9.5 Kg dryer capacity. In addition to this, we have designed these dryers and washers as a vertical combination and it provides the power of the washer. This product occupies 50% of the floor in a conventional dryer and washer setup. Additionally, with the stacked units, you can utilize similar hook-ups and connections, needed by a standard dryer and washer for installation.

If you want these commercial laundry machines with Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer as a hospital laundry equipment, feel free to contact us.

Speed Queen

How Can You Find A Reliable Speed Queen Distributor In Nigeria?

Do you want to initiate a Laundromat business? Though this business seems very profitable, you can face a lot of problems if you start it without identifying the right distributors! Check these aspects that are necessary to find a reliable Speed Queen Commercial distributor in Nigeria.

These aspects include-

  • Perfect guidance

You need to find a reliable distributor for perfect guidance on Laundromat Investments and Setup. At the initial stage, you have to invest in renovation, construction, and washer hook-up, availing all licenses, permits, and equipment. Additionally, you need to bear running costs, including required insurance, payment management, and rental costs.

  • Experience in industry trends

Based on a survey result, it can be found that in maximum cases, entrepreneurs do not have potential experience while they are setting up the Laundromat. Learning about the work progress after starting the business is a common thing in this industry. But you need to select a Speed Queen Commercial distributor in Nigeria who can guide you in market trends and sum up how existing owners of Laundromats are working.

  • Meeting customer service requirements

While finding a distributor, it is important to check whether the distributor can offer exceptional services to customers. If you want to avail of services for machine malfunctioning or parts replacement, you don’t need to wait for a long time. The distributors can work as service representatives from initial setup to laundry designs for purpose of general maintenance, services, and financing.

  • High value in services

While you are considering Speed Queen Product benefits, you must choose an efficient distributor of Speed Queen. You can decrease utility costs, create a welcoming environment and increase revenue.

However, if you want to hire the best Speed Queen Commercial distributor in Nigeria, please consult JoTech.

Speed Queen

Why Speed Queen Hotel Laundry Machines Are the Best for Hotel Laundry

While you are in hotel services, you must know every day a huge amount of sheets, dirty towels, uniforms, and tablecloths are produced. With efficient services of laundry of Speed Queen, you can reuse them regularly and keep the hotel running perfectly.  Let’s check why Speed Queen Laundry machines in your hotel are the best for hotel laundry!

  1. Optimized solution

With cutting-edge control and advanced technology, we are serving optimized solutions in this hospitality sector. For example, while you need to handle various clients who possess their own desires for presentation and decor, then you have to assure that the catering staff in your hotel must look professional. To achieve this goal, the uniforms of the employees’ best match the venue type as well as carry the legacy of your brand. To ensure this, Speed Queen Laundry has come with an optimized solution so that the uniforms can reflect your brand’s legacy.

  1. Phenomenal outcomes

For easiest laundry solutions in hotels, Speed Queen serves the best as we can understand the priority of fresh atmosphere and cleanliness in the hotel. In this hospitality industry, aestheticism depends on cleanliness; in this context, Speed Queen Laundry plays an important role in neatness maintenance.

  1. Services and support

While you buy Speed Queen Products, you can get services and support from experienced supporting teams.  Besides, for this purpose, you can have spare parts available. For example- while opening a hotel, whether you can properly maintain elegant, clean cloth napkins, and fresh covers strikes in your mind. Don’t worry, Speed Queen Machines will save your back.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

This automatic machine assists you to decrease labor costs to clean your clothes. We utilize minimum electricity and water that can also decrease utility bills.

If you want to purchase Speed Queen Hotel laundry machines, you need to contact us today.


How To Market A Laundromat In Nigeria

What is the point of opening a Speed Queen Brand Store if you can’t market your business properly? Investing in a Laundromat is not enough. Marketing is the main tool that can attract more customers to your store. But how? Researching deep, we have filtered the top 6 marketing trends that can add wings to your laundry business.

Make your Laundromat a brand

First of all, you need to make your Laundromat brand. You can use different social media platforms. SEO and other marketing tools turn your Laundromat into a brand.  Branding is a great way to engage more customers.

Use Google My Business

Using GMB is a great way to create an online identity for the business. It helps you to create a separate identity online that ultimately boosts your online presence.

Advertise your business online

Using ad campaign is a great way to market your business. You may utilize online ads to enhance the marketing process. Suppose, you fail to use ad-campaign; in this case, you are missing the solid potential to attract more customers.

Use Video Marketing

Using Video marketing is a great way to enhance the customers’ engagement. The video involves audiovisual movement that ultimately helps in attracting more customers. Suppose, you want to improve customers’ footprint, in this case, video marketing takes a great part.

Use E-Mail Campaign

If possible, use E-Mail marketing. E-Mail marketing is a great way to attract more customers to your Laundromat. To learn more, please consult a professional.

Upgrade the business

Nothing will work if the Laundromat is not up to date. You may install a highly advanced system like Speed Queen Commercial Coin Operated Stack Washers. To avail of Speed Queen Machines, please consult Jo-Tech.

Wet Cleaning Machines

How Wet Cleaning Is Winning Over Dry Cleaning

It is true that people have now started relying on wet cleaning procedures with the advancement of the age. Before, people used a dry cleaning process that ultimately involved the use of harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene. Especially after the invention of Speed Queen wet cleaning machines, the entire game has changed.

If you ask 10 laundry owners about wet cleaning and dry cleaning, we guarantee 9 out of 10 laundry owners will vote for wet cleaning. But Why? What is the specialty in wet cleaning? Why is it 100 times better than dry cleaning? This blog discusses the four aspects that keep the wet cleaning ahead in this game.

Wet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any toxic chemicals

First of all, unlike the dry cleaning process, wet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any toxic chemicals. Therefore, one has to experience any kind of irritation by wearing the clothes washed through the wet cleaning process.

Wet Cleaning is softer to the skin

The clothes washed through the wet cleaning process are softer to use. The wet cleaning process uses the water as a solvent and ultimately makes the clothes softer to feel. The wet cleaning process reduces the toxicity of clothes.

Your clothes will last longer

Unlike dry cleaning, Speed Queen wet cleaning machines wash all the clothes with the utmost care. Therefore, the fabric used in your clothes doesn’t get harmed during the wet cleaning. Therefore, the clothes washed through the dry cleaning process last longer than in general.

Eco-friendly solution

As this process doesn’t use any toxic chemicals during the washing process, it offers an eco-friendly solution. Especially when you use the appliances like Speed Queen wet cleaning machines, the process of cleaning becomes safer.

To learn more, please consult Jo-Tech, the most trusted Speed Queen Commercial distributor in Nigeria.

Wet Cleaning Machines

Reasons To Invest In Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines

Are you looking for a reliable source of wet cleaning laundry requirements? If yes, relying on the machines like Speed Queen wet cleaning machines can be beneficial. But now, you may be thinking about how Speed Queen Machine can ease the process of Wet Cleaning. However, before jumping into the reasons to invest in the Speed Queen wet cleaning machines; let’s have a look at the importance of Wet Cleaning.

How can Speed Queen Machines be beneficial?

Wet Cleaning machines can be easily used to treat woolens, silk, and fine linens smoothly. The specialty of Wet Cleaning, the process does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals rather the machine uses the water as solvent. Using water as a solvent doesn’t only refer to an eco-friendly solution but it also helps to keep the color of the clothes brighter.

Unlike the dry cleaning process, it doesn’t use toxic chemicals like perchloroethylene. Therefore, wet cleaning technology keeps the clothes softs and also helps the clothes to keep the color of the clothes.

Why Speed Queen is the best choice

There are several reasons behind calling Speed Queen wet cleaning machines the most efficient system to deal with this process. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The machine is designed with computerized systems. Therefore, the process of wet cleaning is totally automatic.
  • The machine uses minimum water and electricity consumption that ensures cost-efficiency.
  • The machine can be controlled by Speed Queen Application that eases the use.
  • The specially designed machine for Wet-Cleaning ensures the ultimate wash.

However, if you want to buy Speed Queen Washing Machines in Lagos or invest in Speed Queen wet cleaning machines, you may consult Jo-Tech, the largest Speed Queen Distributor in Nigeria. Consult us to learn more.

Stack Washer and Dryer

Benefits of installing Speed Queen Commercial Heavy-Duty Stack Washer

Are you looking to invest in highly advanced laundry machines to improve the ROI in your Laundromat? If yes, investing in machines like Speed Queen Commercial Heavy Duty Stack Washer can be your ultimate option. Well, there are several laundry machines in the market. Now, the question is why Speed Queen Commercial Heavy Duty Stack Washer is the only machine trusted by entrepreneurs. Well, let’s have a look at how it benefits the laundry owners.

A proven performer in the Laundry:

Speed Queen Machines are the proven performers in the laundry. While purchasing a speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer, you can avail of powerful dryers with efficient laundry machines.

When you have access to the latest technology to ease the process in the laundry industry, it is not an inception that you can earn the higher ROI. Invest in Speed Queen Machines fearlessly.

Built better to last longer:

The Speed Queen washer provides a laundry with a hygienic rinse cycle by minimizing the cost of maintenance. Speed Queen Machines are built using stainless steel that lasts longer than any other material. With the advanced technology and steel body, this machine lasts longer.

Quantum Gold:

The machines are designed with advanced quantum gold technology that helps in smoothing the process of cleaning. Quantum Gold enables owners and customers to get some benefits such as computer programming and audit capabilities, ‘lucky cycles’, time-of-day pricing, and even cycle modifier keys and so many other things.

To purchase Speed Queen Commercial Heavy-Duty Stack Washer at a reasonable price, please consult Jo-Tech.

Wet Cleaning Machines

Reasons To Invest In Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines

Wet cleaning refers to an innovative solution. In this present era, finding an eco-friendly solution for the laundry system is no less than bliss. Especially, after Covid-19, when the world comes to a stage where cleaning takes the utmost importance. In such a situation, Speed Queen wet cleaning machines bring a revolutionary solution to ease the laundry process.

With superior performance and brand warranty, this machine is roaring in the laundry industry. However, let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons to invest in Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines.

Superior performance

Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Machines are built to deliver superior performance. Speed Queen machines involve advanced computerized systems that are specially made to perform in a higher range. It means that it can control the large capacity of the clothes at the same time.

Keep the colors of the clothes intact

As the Speed Queen wet cleaning machines involve biodegradable detergents in the time of cleaning, it doesn’t affect the color of the clothes. It keeps the colors vibrant.

A proper replacement to dry cleaning

It is an exact replacement for the Dry Cleaning Process. In the dry cleaning process, several harmful chemicals are used including perchloroethylene and others. These chemicals can be harmful to human skin. On the other side, Speed Queen wet cleaning machines use water as a solvent that is a complete eco-friendly solution.

Advanced technology

The machines are built with advanced technology that is specially designed to complete the process within the shortest time and the technology enables this machine to complete the washing process without wasting any extra resources.

Warranty of the brand

There are many wet cleaning machines in the market but when it comes to the warranty of the brand, none can beat Speed Queen wet cleaning machines. It comes with the warranty of the brand and its distributor.

However, if you want to avail Speed Queen wet cleaning machines but you are tired of searching Speed Queen Products Near me, please contact us.


How To Open A Self-Service Laundromat

Do you want to open a self-service laundry? However, you don’t know how to set up a new one. In this case, making a proper plan is important. A laundromat is such a business that is not bound by any economic recession.

Therefore, setting up a laundromat never leads you to make losses. No matter what time of the year this is, people always need to clean their clothes. In this business, there is no chance of loss if you set up and maintain your laundromat properly. This blog brings the answer to the most searched question, ‘How to open a Self-Service Laundromat’. Please follow the mentioned steps to open a successful laundromat.


First of all, entrepreneurs or investors need to do proper research. They need to know about the industry, the best machines in the market, competition and every single thing related to laundromat setup.

Obtain all the required licenses

Once, the research is complete. You need to acquire all the mentioned things :

  • Business License
  • Environment pollution control permit
  • A permit from the fire department
  • Required gas connection
  • Sign permit
  • Electric connections,etc.

Acquiring all the mentioned things is essential to open a laundry business.

Find a reliable distributor

In this stage, you need to find a trusted distributor who can help you in choosing the best machines, analyzing the location, setting up the laundromat etc.

Analyze the location

Location analysis is important. While analyzing the location, make sure that you are setting up the laundromat in a high traffic area where more people can see your business.

Choose the right machines

Don’t make mistakes while opening the business. Always choose machines like Speed Queen to ensure the highest ROI. Installing a Speed Queen Laundry is no less than bliss.

Set up your business

When all the above-mentioned steps are accomplished successfully, you need to hire a legal practitioner to set up the business.

Hope that you have got a basic idea on ‘How to open a Self-Service Laundromat’. To learn more, please consult us.