Hospital Laundry

How Checking Efficiency Of Your Hospital Laundry Equipment

If you are worried about efficiency of your hospital laundry equipment in your Laundromat, you can simply rely on Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer! This combination of washer and dryer is available in commercial laundry machines. These machines can run by maintaining consistency. These completely automated machines can save customers’ time and attract a large number of people. Check the exclusive features you are going to have with this product that has made this product an efficient one!

  1. Low maintenance cost

This washer offers an advanced hygienic cycle of rinsing that can delight customers and minimize maintenance. It has been checked that due to this facility, our Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer has ranked first in Laundromat requirements for its high efficiency. This feature has extended tumble to help in eliminating wrinkling for 2 minutes while the door is closed. This low maintenance feature has made this product an efficient one with maximization of outcome.

  1. 2. Taking control

To check its efficiency, Speed Queen Hospital laundry equipment has come with options of “Speed Queen Options” and Quantum Controls. It is easy to check its efficiency as it provides adjustable structures of costs, service alerts and programmable times of shutting down to give maximum outcomes.  

  1. Advanced designs

In this Stack Washer and Dryer, you can get a complete package, combining efficient dryers, providing excellent performance capability. The weight of this product is 8.2 Kg and 9.5 Kg dryer capacity. In addition to this, we have designed these dryers and washers as a vertical combination and it provides the power of the washer. This product occupies 50% of the floor in a conventional dryer and washer setup. Additionally, with the stacked units, you can utilize similar hook-ups and connections, needed by a standard dryer and washer for installation.

If you want these commercial laundry machines with Speed queen commercial stackable washer and dryer as a hospital laundry equipment, feel free to contact us.

Hospital Laundry

4 Ways To Succeed As A Hospital Laundry Owner

In the modern age, laundry is essential, especially hospital laundry. It needs to be squeaky clean to maintain the patient’s safety. For this action, the hospital laundry owner is responsible only. Covid-19 has led the world health care system to question. In such a situation, failing to prevent contamination in Hospital laundry is a blunder. Though the use of Speed Queen Hospital laundry machines has gained immense success in controlling hospital contamination, hospital laundry owners still need to be more careful about this.

While we are discussing the ways of being successful hospital laundry owners, many potential points can be discussed. However, here we bring only the proven and easier ways.

Install Speed Queen Hospital laundry machines

Speed Queen is not just a machine. It is a separate entity in the world of laundry. Speed Queen Barrier washer and extractor comes with double door technology that separates clean and disinfected clothes from soiled and infected ones. The machines also involve two different chambers for loading and unloading.

Suppose, the door of the contaminated clothes is opened; the advanced sensors keep the opposite door of clean clothes closed and vice versa. The Speed Queen Hospital laundry machines are built with maintaining the guidelines of HAI. Therefore, the first step to becoming a successful hospital laundry owner is to choose the right laundry machines. 

Ensure that your subordinates are doing their duty religiously

Though Speed Queen is an automatic machine, you still should have a precise look after your junior’s performance. Look if they are performing the preliminary activities such as washing, ironing or sorting.

Check the garments comprehensively

Garments are the major constituent in the hospital laundry services. Yes! Speed Queen machines can clean the clothes with the utmost efficiency. However, it sometimes happens that we make common mistakes of mixing up infected and disinfected clothes. So, being the head, you should necessarily codify the procedures and track the laundries at each checkpoint. 

Get in touch with professional laundry machines dealers

Following the above mentioned ways can help you to become a successful hospital laundry owner. But along with this, you need to keep a good relationship with professional Commercial Barrier Washer Extractor Supplier in Lagos to avoid any discrepancy while running the laundry. For Speed Queen Hospital laundry machines, you may consult Jo-Tech.