How To Market A Laundromat In Nigeria

What is the point of opening a Speed Queen Brand Store if you can’t market your business properly? Investing in a Laundromat is not enough. Marketing is the main tool that can attract more customers to your store. But how? Researching deep, we have filtered the top 6 marketing trends that can add wings to your laundry business.

Make your Laundromat a brand

First of all, you need to make your Laundromat brand. You can use different social media platforms. SEO and other marketing tools turn your Laundromat into a brand.  Branding is a great way to engage more customers.

Use Google My Business

Using GMB is a great way to create an online identity for the business. It helps you to create a separate identity online that ultimately boosts your online presence.

Advertise your business online

Using ad campaign is a great way to market your business. You may utilize online ads to enhance the marketing process. Suppose, you fail to use ad-campaign; in this case, you are missing the solid potential to attract more customers.

Use Video Marketing

Using Video marketing is a great way to enhance the customers’ engagement. The video involves audiovisual movement that ultimately helps in attracting more customers. Suppose, you want to improve customers’ footprint, in this case, video marketing takes a great part.

Use E-Mail Campaign

If possible, use E-Mail marketing. E-Mail marketing is a great way to attract more customers to your Laundromat. To learn more, please consult a professional.

Upgrade the business

Nothing will work if the Laundromat is not up to date. You may install a highly advanced system like Speed Queen Commercial Coin Operated Stack Washers. To avail of Speed Queen Machines, please consult Jo-Tech.


How To Open A Self-Service Laundromat

Do you want to open a self-service laundry? However, you don’t know how to set up a new one. In this case, making a proper plan is important. A laundromat is such a business that is not bound by any economic recession.

Therefore, setting up a laundromat never leads you to make losses. No matter what time of the year this is, people always need to clean their clothes. In this business, there is no chance of loss if you set up and maintain your laundromat properly. This blog brings the answer to the most searched question, ‘How to open a Self-Service Laundromat’. Please follow the mentioned steps to open a successful laundromat.


First of all, entrepreneurs or investors need to do proper research. They need to know about the industry, the best machines in the market, competition and every single thing related to laundromat setup.

Obtain all the required licenses

Once, the research is complete. You need to acquire all the mentioned things :

  • Business License
  • Environment pollution control permit
  • A permit from the fire department
  • Required gas connection
  • Sign permit
  • Electric connections,etc.

Acquiring all the mentioned things is essential to open a laundry business.

Find a reliable distributor

In this stage, you need to find a trusted distributor who can help you in choosing the best machines, analyzing the location, setting up the laundromat etc.

Analyze the location

Location analysis is important. While analyzing the location, make sure that you are setting up the laundromat in a high traffic area where more people can see your business.

Choose the right machines

Don’t make mistakes while opening the business. Always choose machines like Speed Queen to ensure the highest ROI. Installing a Speed Queen Laundry is no less than bliss.

Set up your business

When all the above-mentioned steps are accomplished successfully, you need to hire a legal practitioner to set up the business.

Hope that you have got a basic idea on ‘How to open a Self-Service Laundromat’. To learn more, please consult us.


How Laundromat Owners Can Maximize The Profitability Of Their Laundromat

Are you running a laundromat? Are you craving to maximize your profit? In such cases, making the right decision is important. Without knowledge and decision-making capacity, many businesses including laundromats may run making low profits. Investing in a laundromat is not enough. You need to understand all the basic aspects of it. Though it is already proven that businessmen investing in Speed Queen Commercial Heavy-Duty Stack Washers earn more profit than others,  learning about all the basic aspects is essential to maximize your profits. Here, we bring you some basic points that you can consider to maximize your profits.

Control the Utility Costs

You have to control the utility costs anyhow. About 69% of laundromat owners say that controlling the utility cost is no less than a challenge. In this case, installing advanced laundry machines is important to maintain the utility costs of your machines.

Streamline service and repair

When you are running a laundry, you need to make sure that all the machines are in top working condition. Maintaining and repairing the machine when required is important to keep the profit intact.

Upgrading the old machines

If you want to improve the profitability of your business, it is necessary for you to replace the old machines with Speed Queen Machines. Speed Queen Machine use minimum electricity and water consumption.

Make the pricing strategic

It is an important part. You always need to make the pricing policy strategic. Strategic pricing helps you to attract more customers. Take note that no matter what you will do or replace, attracting more customers to your shop should be your priority. Along with this, give attention to marketing.

Try to add an extra revenue stream

A laundromat is a place where customers come and wait for long hours. Therefore, here you can generate extra revenue streams by providing them coffee and snacks.

However, if you want to invest in Laundromat but you are worried about the cost of commercial laundry equipment, you may consult us for Speed Queen Commercial Heavy-Duty Stack Washers.


5 Reasons Laundromat Can be a Profitable Business Idea Right Now

If you are in search of a slowdown-proof business with a stable income, then a Laundromat business is the most suitable option. Reasons! It requires less capital and gives you a greater ROI rate. If you still have questions about, Why Invest in Laundromats? then have a glance at the following five points.

Helps in generating the highest ROI

Laundromat can help in generating up to 35% of cash on cash ROI. Especially, when business owners deal with Speed Queen Commercial Heavy-Duty Stack Washers, they can save a large amount of money on running costs. Laundromat ensures the business owners’ profit throughout the year.

 It is not a seasonal business

It is the greatest advantage that any business could ever have. Customers are always required to do their laundry no matter what. Whether it is summer or winter, or even a rainy season. Revenue generation is constant and does not fluctuate irrespective of harsh climates or bad weather. Even economic recessions can affect the business.

Nominal employee handling

70% of laundromat runs with the assistance of 0-3 employees. Thereupon, the costs of recruiting employees are averted in this business. You can invest in a Laundromat business even with the least number of employees that saves you money.

Has the potential to grow with time

As such, the business incorporates aspects such as necessity, adaptability; therefore, this industry has the most potential to grow over the years. You can just open your business store in other regions of a city or a country. You can also offer extra services like delivery and pickup, etc -Such instances amplify the industry’s growth.

Operates under a controlled environment

In a Laundromat business, the budget is fixed, so you do not need to get concerned about the business variables. Moreover, you also do not need to have any extraordinary skills. Moreover, you can have a proper work-life balance while operating the business. But make sure to invest in smart machines like Speed Queen.

However, if you want to Invest in Laundromat or want to learn ‘how to open a Self-Service Laundromat’, Jo-Tech can help you to understand every aspect of the business. Moreover, it can deliver advanced machines like Speed Queen.