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Wet Cleaning

Speed Queen Wet Cleaning Technology: The biggest innovation in the laundry industry in the last 100 years

Wet Cleaning is the perfect replacement for dry washing as it doesn’t involve any toxic chemical that can harm the environment. As Speed Queen Wet cleaning machines use water as a solvent, it brightens the colour of the clothes and is also very soft to the skin. Speed Queen machines are specially designed to bring the end to a rugged laundry.

Extraordinary result

The wet cleaning is soft to any fabric whether it is silk, cotton, wool,  leather or synthetics. Moreover, it keeps the colour of your clothes bright and vibrating.

Removing Stains effectively

It can remove any stain easily. It is effective in washing away oil, grease, wax, food and many more.

Environment friendly

The machine utilizes an environment-friendly process. It uses substantial amounts of biodegradable detergents. The non-toxic process of washing and utilizing less energy makes it one of the most used machines.

Cost-effective Solution

The machines offer a cost-effective solution with higher productivity. Moreover, the machines are easy to clean.

To avail of Wet Cleaning Machines in Nigeria, you can contact Jo-tech engineering services LTD.