Jotech Laundry Supplies


A large range of commercial laundry solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants and Food Business require a higher standard of laundry to maintain cleanliness. Fresh air and cleanliness play a vital role in customer retention. Moreover, clean curtains and the bright dress of waiters give a fresh vibe to the customers. Jo-tech engineering services LTD brings Speed Queen Restaurant Laundry Machines to ease the laundry process in the restaurants.

Attractive Result

Speed Queen machines offer phenomenal results by giving utmost care to every kind of fabric and clothes. It eases the laundry experience in the restaurant.

Advanced Technology

The machines are built with highly advanced cutting edge technology to handle the bulk of laundry and survive in the busy hours of a restaurant.


Owners don’t need to spend higher money on labour cost as the machine is completely automatic. Apart from that, the machine reduces the running cost by utilizing a substantial amount of water and electricity.

Expert Customer Care Solution

In this case, if you face any discrepancy in the system, you can get the assistance of expert customer care.

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