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Managing residential laundry is now easy with Speed Queen Laundry Machines

Speed Queen has completed more than 25 years in the residential sectors. The commercial-grade laundry machine ensures 10,400 cycles that refers to 25 years of uses in the average home. It won the Women’s Choice Award, 5 Years in a Row. 85% of  Women prefer Speed Queen as their laundry machines. Now, we bring you the golden chance to avail of Speed Queen Machines for residential sectors in Nigeria.

Outstanding Results

Speed Queen is a proven performer in the residential sector. All types of Fabric such as softer linens, soiled towels, dirtied uniforms can be washed efficiently in this machine.

End to Laundry Worries

Excellent and quick work procedures bring an end to all laundry worries.


Speed Queen machines are built to last long. The highly efficient machine with higher durability ensures the superiority of Speed Queen.

Most Recommended

Speed Queen commercial-grade home laundry machines are the best choice for homeowners across the world. However, you don’t need to believe in us. Go and search for Speed Queen in Google to get your result.

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