Jotech Laundry Supplies


Advanced Industrial Laundry Solution for mills and factories

Industries especially fabric mills and factories require special attention in the laundry. These industries deal with higher chances of contamination. The daily uniform of staff, aprons or lab courts require to be washed properly. In this case, advanced laundry machines like Speed Queen make the Speed Queen Laundry Solution easier and smoother. With Speed Queen, you will be in a much safer hand.

Outstanding Results

Speed Queen Machines with the help of highly advanced technology ensures outstanding results. It doesn’t harm the clothes rather keeps them vibrant and bright.

Optimised Solution

The machines are designed with high-end technology to ease the process of laundry. It ensures the highest productivity in the industrial sectors.


The machines can run utilizing the lowest electricity and water. It doesn’t even need external assistance. Therefore, it saves you a great amount of money on running costs.

Customer Care Support

Speed Queen Machines offers you customized customer care support that is ready to assist you in any discrepancy.

If you want to avail of Speed Queen industrial laundry Machines in Nigeria, you can trust us.