Jotech Laundry Supplies


Top-Notch Laundry Solution for Facilities Managers

Speed Queen offers a cost-efficient Laundry Solution for facility management. Facility managers are well-aware of the importance of an advanced Laundry solution to manage commercial-grade laundry. We bring world-class laundry solutions for facility managers.

Reliable for Higher Volumes

This segment of Speed Queen Machines is designed for rugged environments and to meet the expectation of facilities managers. It produces a greater result.

Optimised Solution

The machines are developed with highly advanced technology to complete the cycle in the shortest span. The machine also ensures the highest productivity to ease facility management.

Better Management and Cost efficiency

With new technology and innovation, one can control these machines through a networking system. Moreover, facility managers can have a substantial amount of savings in water and electricity.

Efficient Customer care support

We are dedicated to providing you with customized customer care support to meet your requirements.

To learn more about Speed Queen Machines, feel free to contact Jo-tech engineering services LTD.