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World-Class Commercial Laundry Solution For Laundry Outsourcing Business

When you are running a commercial laundry and dealing with an outsourcing business, you may understand the importance of having an advanced laundry system that can save you money and time. At Jo-tech engineering services LTD, we bring you Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines that ensure the highest productivity. Speed Queen can effortlessly wash all the clothes within the shortest span. Take your commercial laundry to another level with Speed Queen.

Phenomenal Results

Speed Queen has made laundry solutions easier for hospitality sectors like Restaurants, salons and Spas. We understand the importance of cleanliness and a fresh atmosphere in your restaurant. The aestheticism in your hospitality sector greatly depends on its cleanliness. Whether it is an exotic spa or a five-star hotel, Speed Queen plays an outstanding role to maintain neatness.

Optimised Solution

With advanced laundry technology, Speed Queen offers phenomenal results. Speed Queen machines ensure intact turnaround time and more productivity.

High-end control panel

Speed Queen Machines involve cutting edge control panels that ease the operation of the machines


Machines don’t require any external assistance which means that you can save a great amount of money from hiring extra labourers. Most importantly, the machines can operate utilizing low electricity and water.

Customer Care Support

Speed Queen Machines comes with expert customer care support that is ready to help at any hour of the day.

If you want to purchase Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines in Nigeria, you can trust us.