Jotech Laundry Supplies



Setting up an On-Premises Laundry is a smart decision. However, building an OPL requires assistance from experts. Speed Queen Industrial Laundry machines are specially designed to deal with a large range of applications. Speed Queen professionals have years of experience and knowledge with which they build a timeless creation for On-Premises Laundry Solution.

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry machines come with advanced sensors and quantum Gold Technology to facilitate the efficiency and speed of washing. Quantum™ Gold controls allow you to possess more control over the laundry. It involves a networking facility that allows users to access and control laundry machines from anywhere. Moreover, this machine offers total analytics of its use if required.

The modern and cutting-edge Quantum control system of Speed Queen offers freedom and flexibility to the users. Thus, it boosts profitability and keeps your laundry system consistent. Quantum Gold Technology has brought revolutionary changes in the history of Laundry machines. Extra added features and a full-storage system makes it the best choice for On-Premises Laundry. Moreover, Speed Queen Machines utilize minimum energy and water to wash the clothes.

However, if you want to set up Speed Queen OPL solutions, feel free to contact us. We are determined to provide you with the ultimate solution.