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Why invest in Laundromat

A Smart Investment

Laundromats owners in Nigeria can earn upto 20- 35% that is higher than any other alternative investment. It also has a great impact on Flexibility and labour cost.

94.8% Success Rate

Laundromat business offers the highest success rate without any risks.

Upto 20-35% Average ROI

Owners can earn upto 35% of cash on cash ROI.

Adaptable to Your Lifestyle

It is a flexible business that is absolutely adaptable to your lifestyle.

Less Labour Cost

In a recent survey, it is proved that approx 70% of laundromats have 0-3 employees.

Tax Benefits

You can write off equipment purchases and claim the depreciation as a loss on your taxes. Please consult your tax advisor to learn more.

Simplified Accounting

It offers various means of payment including cash, coin or even Speed Queen Application that make accounting more simplified.

The Difference Is Clear

Compared to other investments like other washing business including car washing and convenience stores, investing on laundromats ensures more profits and make sense.

Why investing in Laundromat is gradually becoming popular?

  • Apartments are built so smaller in size that it can’t keep laundry machines.
  • Hiring a maid is gradually becoming costly day by day.
  • The majority of family members in the house are working persons. They don’t have time to wash the clothes.
  • A laundromat can wash clothes within 1 hour and dry your clothes.
  • Drying the clothes is an issue during the rainy season

Many people depend on the affordable laundromat due to the challenging economic situation.


Multi-housing Laundry Investing

Residential sectors like apartment blocks, housing estates, barracks and dormitories require a specialized laundry system. Laundromat makes better use of the resources. The community laundry rooms offer a stable income source to the property owners. Multi-housing laundries deal with the highest potential all over the world.