Jotech Laundry Supplies



Hospitality sectors including hotels, restaurants, boutique and large international chains need to deal with a bulk range of laundry and, thereby, involve the higher chances of contamination. Speed Queen Hospitality Laundry Machines brings answers to all the issues that these sectors face every day. Speed Queen Products are the proven solution to withstand all the requirements in the Hospitality sectors and ensures ultimate performance.

We understand that hospitality sector has to balance between long working hours, the bulk of laundry treated and energy efficiency. Every hotel requires greater flexibility to clean linen, towels and clothes without harming them. Speed Queen Laundry Machines are specially designed and developed to facilitate all the challenges in the hospitality sectors. It ensures higher productivity at the lowest operating cost. We ensure that Speed Queen Laundry will add more value to your business whether it is restaurants and Spa.

Speed Queen Laundry Machines are the most viable and hygienic solution. It easily cleans dirtied dining table clothes and soggy towels with its highly advanced and superior technology. Whether you are running a restaurant, salon or Spa, Speed Queen ensures you the best solution.

All the hotels and other hospitality sectors in Nigeria are heartily invited to avail of this highly advanced Laundry solution.