Jotech Laundry Supplies



The hospital and HealthCare Sectors face numerous challenges in terms of Laundry and cleaning. Speed Queen Laundry machines are specially designed to withstand all the potential requirements of healthcare solution whether it is the Public and Health Care Sectors. Speed Queen leaves no stone unturned when it comes to performance.

The laundry machines are optimized to balance between the working hours and the large bulk of clothes. Speed Queen machines utilize modern technologies that are developed to tailor you. Speed Queen Barrier washer-extractors are very cost-efficient as well as sustainable. It refers that the machine can run utilizing low energy and minimum detergent consumption. These machines not only ensure environmental and economical benefits but also assure ultimate cleanliness and a better workflow.

These machines are built with the guidelines of the HAI (Hospital-acquired infections) and equipped with all the basic and advanced technology to take care of linen as well as ensuring no contamination and less water consumption Its double door facility and highly advanced sensors ensure that infected and disinfected clothes are completely separated ensuring zero contamination.

These machines ease the entire process of Hospital Laundry. If you want to avail these advanced machines for your health care sector in Nigeria, feel free to contact us..