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Set Up a laundromat of Global Standard with Speed Queen

Speed Queen is a game-changer in the Laundromat business.  Jo-tech engineering services LTD brings this golden chance to Nigerian Entrepreneurs to set up highly advanced Laundromat with Speed Queen Commercial Laundry machines. With its highly advanced technology and strategic build procedure, Speed Queen can add wings to any laundromat. It is proven to provide laundry owners with higher ROI.

Speed Queen Technology

Speed Queen is the most advanced invention of science in the last hundred years. Along with involving highly advanced technology, the machine comes with an advanced mobile application to ease the experience of customers. Moreover, owners can get quick and easy access to all the data to enhance profitability.

Phenomenal Results

Speed Queen can complete each cycle within 60 minutes with enhanced cleaning. Customers can wash shoes and clothes in a single machine. Apart from this, an advanced and aesthetic laundry can attract more customers.

Upward Profit Graph

Completely automatic machines don’t demand any external assistance. Moreover, the machine utilizes minimum water, electricity. Lower utility bills and limited manpower ensures higher ROI.

Support and Service

The experienced Support team believes in empowering the clients to get easy access to spare parts and services.

To learn more about the installation process, you can consult us.