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Speed Queen: Biggest Laundry innovation for Public Sectors

Are you looking for an advanced laundry machine for institutions? If yes, Speed Queen is the ultimate solution for any public sectors like Army, Navy, Fire and other major services. Highly advanced laundry machines can handle the laundry of any large sectors such as the Merchant Navy, the Army, Fire services and Petrochemical Industries.

Handle Higher Volumes

The Speed Queen machines are specially built for rugged environments. The machines can handle higher volumes and greater results.

Laundry Worries Sorted

With highly advanced technology and quantum touch, the machine offers customized solutions and brings an end to all the worries of laundry. Moreover, the machines can be managed through networking from anywhere.

Save money on running cost

With intact Turn around Time and reduced utilization of water and electricity, owners can save a great amount of money on running cost.

Support and Service

Speed Queen Spare Parts are available in the Nigerian market. Moreover, you can get access to supportive customer care.

To learn more, feel free to contact Jo-tech engineering services LTD.