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Install Highly Advanced Multi-Housing Laundry Solution To Enjoy Phenomenal Results

Speed Queen brings the New Age Self-Service Laundry System for Multi-Housing, Blocks,  Apartment and Residential Townships. We can help you to set up a centralised Speed Queen Laundry inside your premises. An advanced laundry adds values to the property. Let’s have a look at how it eases your life.

Beneficial for promoters

According to recent statistics, Speed Queen Laundry consumes less water and electricity in comparison to other machines. It doesn’t only add value to the property but also offers an additional income source for promoters.

Amenity with Benefits

Elite people with futuristic vision are extremely pleased to have access to an organised laundry facility on their premises. The higher standard of laundry and drying in a reduced time enhances the way of living.

Planned Infrastructure

The MEP procedure becomes easier for any promoters when you possess an advanced centralised laundry.

End of all laundry worries

When you are with global laundry experts and have installed Speed Queen on your premises, it is time for you to get rid of all your worries related to laundry.

To learn more about the installation, feel free to contact Jo-tech engineering services LTD.